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The Famous Master Cleanse – Also Known As the Lemonade Diet

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Lemonade Diet1. The Idea Behind The Master Cleanse
2. Lemon Juice Diet
3. When To Use the Master Cleanse and How Often
4. Lemon Juice Diet Recipe
5. How and When To Drink the Lemon Juice?
6. What else can be taken during the Master Cleanse?
7. Are There Any Negative Effects of the Master Cleanse?
8. How to Stop the Lemonade Diet
9. Vegetable Soup Method/Recipe
10. Note on Milk

Before we even start to discover the secrets and recipe ingredients for this amazing liver detox, please note the following :
It needs to be understand that this Lemonade diet is only a suggestion and if you follow it you do so voluntarily.
Please use your own judgment as every person react differently as we are each individuals, no two the same.
You should consult your physician before any change in your lifestyle, be it exercise or diet.

1. The Idea Behind The Master Cleanse

The whole concept of the Master Cleanse is based on the premise that our bodies can cleanse itself and get rid of all “waste and toxins”.
Germs are considered as friends that actually, if given time, will breakup and consume large waste matter and assist us in eliminating them from our bodies.

The germs and viruses only grow when we provide the breeding ground in which they multiply. They help the body to breakdown waste materials and can do no harm in healthy tissue.

To create a healthy body, we should eat the right kinds of food – not those that are highly toxic that create mucus. Mucus is where all kinds of germs grow and multiply. One of the most important foods to give up as it produces vast amount of mucus is milk. See the note further on in the article that addresses this issue.

2. Lemon Juice Diet

This diet does both, the elimination of waste that has built up and it then builds the healthy cells. It cleanses the kidneys and digestive system. The entire body will benefit from the dissolving and elimination of built up congestion and toxins. Glands and cells are purified.

Hardened material that has built up in the muscles and joints will also be eliminated.

3. When To Use the Master Cleanse and How Often

You would want to use this lemon juice cleanse if you were developing any kind of sickness, both acute or chronic for example if you feel the flu coming on, or a cold. If your digestive system needs some help with cleansing and needs to be rested. If you are chronically overweight or just need to lose a few pounds.

It is recommended to follow the diet for the minimum of 10 days and anywhere up to 40 days. Ideally follow the cleanse 4 times a year to keep the body in a normal healthy state and condition.

4. Lemon Juice Diet Recipe

Combine the following in a container with a lid so you can give it a good shake.

2 Tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice – organic is preferable
2 Tablespoons grade B “Certified Organic” maple syrup – be sure it is not flavored syrup but genuine maple syrup.
Do not try to substitute this as the grade B maple syrup has the optimum minerals and more taste.
The only real substitute for this maple syrup is 10oz freshly extracted juice from the sugar cane.
1 pinch of cayenne (red) pepper or to taste – this is necessary as it also breaks up mucus and the pepper helps you to feel warm – it add some of the vitamin B and C needed.
8 oz Hot purified water – cold if you prefer

5. How and When To Drink the Lemon Juice?

Drink 6 to 12 glasses of the prepared lemon juice during the day when you are awake. There is no need to wake up and drink any. If you feel hungry then just drink another glass of the lemonade.

6. What else can be taken during the Master Cleanse?

Nothing else is to be eaten at all. NO vitamin pills, no other solid food, nothing else but the lemonade.

Another point to make here is that you must not change the amount of lemon just per glass. The measurements are exact and the mixture contains all that the body needs during the detox.

You can drink additional water should you wish to during the cleansing period. However, Mint Tea can be consumed occasionally as besides being very pleasant to drink, it will help the mouth and body odors during the cleansing period. That is all part of the elimination of the toxins.

You can aid the cleansing process by taking a Laxative herb tea first thing in the morning and last thing at night. The waste that has been loosened from the cells and organs in the body need to be eliminated and the better that elimination, the more rapid the results will be.

7. Are There Any Negative Effects of the Master Cleanse?

The experience of people on this cleanse is totally dependent on the magnitude of toxins and disease in the body. Some people experience a tremendous stirring up in their system.
Symptoms such as dizziness and in some cases vomiting, some peoples pain feels like it increases in various joints.
However this is not the Lemonade making you sick, it is the stirring up of the toxins and poisons and the loosening of them from the cells and organs in the body. Some feel weak.

If any of these symptoms present themselves, rest and take it a little easier than normal. They will pass and the benefits will be well worth sticking to the diet.
Do not be tempted to take any additional solid foods or vitamins, that will just delay the process of the cleanse.

8. How to Stop the Lemonade Diet

Please carefully take note of the following steps to come off the diet. It really is important.

1. 1st and 2nd Day after the diet

a. Slowly drink several 8oz glasses of fresh orange juice – as desired.
b. Drink additional purified water if you find the orange juice too strong.

2. 3rd Day

a. Fresh orange juice in the morning.
b. Raw Fruit for lunch
c. Fruit or raw vegetables salad at night

3. 4th Day – you can now resume your normal way of eating.

Meat Eaters
1. 1st Day after the diet

a. Slowly drink several 8oz glasses of fresh orange juice – as desired.
b. Drink additional purified water if you find the orange juice too strong.

2. 2nd Day

a. Slowly drink several 8oz glasses of fresh orange juice – as desired.
b. Drink additional purified water if you find the orange juice too strong
c. Home-made vegetable soup (see the recipe below) drinking mostly the broth, however some of the vegetables
can be eaten. You can have a few rye wafers with the soup, but no bread or any other kinds of crackers.

3. 3rd Day

a. Drink several 8oz glasses of fresh orange juice
b. At noon drink more of the vegetable soup that was prepared on the 2nd day
c. For dinner eat whatever you desire from fruit, vegetables or salads. Just no kinds of flesh (beef, lamb, chicken or fish).
No eggs, no coffee or tea, no breads or crackers, no milk or dairy products. (See a note later on regarding milk
and it’s mucus forming effects in the body.)

4. 4th Day – you can go back to eating your normal way. However it is best for optimal health to increase your intake
of fresh fruit and vegetable, and reduce the amount of flesh that is eaten.

9. Vegetable Soup Method/Recipe

The quantities are left up to you for this recipe – just take note you will need to prepare enough soup for at least 2 days.

Kinds of ingredients you can choose from
Root vegetables such as – carrots, celery
Tops of the celery plant and parsley
Green peppers
Brown rice
Legumes – at least 2 different ones – e.g. peas, beans, any color of lentil, chickpeas

For Seasoning – use sparingly as these are just to add flavor.
Dehydrated vegetables or vegetable soup powders can be used in conjunction with the fresh vegetable.
Chili, red pepper, okra powder, salt

How to Make the Soup
Place the chopped vegetables and seasoning in a pot and add water to more than cover the content.
Bring to the boil and simmer till the vegetables are to your tase – the less they are boiled the better.

10. Note on Milk

Milk has been known to cause many allergies and problems in human beings – it is a predigested food meant for calves.
The calcium in milk is not properly digested or assimilated and goes straight into the blood stream.
Some of the problems it has been reported to cause are :
Stomach and colon problems
Allergic reactions
Calcium in milk which is difficult to assimilate and can cause toxins that deposit in the cells and joints causing pain like arthritis.

For many, the fasting and liquid diet mentioned here is too difficult.  But there is another option available in the form of a new cleansing pill.

De-tox and lose weight without fasting
The Lemonade Weight Loss Diet is based on the Lemonade Diet, which has been around for many years and is basically a detox diet. Many people find the Lemonade Diet hard to follow  because it involves fasting, so dieters struggle with the lack of food and loss of energy.  The Lemonade Weight Loss Diet pill makes it easier to quickly lose weight, and to detoxify and cleanse without fasting and without the unpleasant side effects of the Lemonade Diet. The ingredients are all natural and include  lemon, which is a natural detoxifier for the liver and kidneys , cayenne pepper which can help digestion, and helps clear out the bowels, and maple syrup which contains naturally occurring minerals and B vitamins. The Lemonade Weight Loss Diet is a 14 day diet which, in addition to the supplement, includes a meal plan and exercise program.  

Benefits of this diet can include significant weight loss, increased energy, clearer skin, improved concentration and mental clarity, and better absorption of vitamins and minerals from food.



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