Liver Cleanse

Liver Cleanse

Have You Ever Wondered About the Ins and Outs of a Liver Cleanse?

So how to do what you need to do to maintain liver health? The most important thing you can do is eat a liver cleanse diet for a long-term liver cleanse or liver flush. A proper liver cleanse diet will be a nutritious diet that also keeps you in good general health. A proper liver cleanse diet is also maintained in the long run, and ought to be called a liver cleanse lifestyle. Talk to a doctor before making serious long-term dietary changes, however, and see a doctor for a yearly physical exam to track progress and troubleshoot problems. So what does a liver cleanse diet look like?

A Liver Cleanse Diet

The keys to a healthy liver cleanse diet are to cut back on sugar, refined grains, processed foods, fried foods, red meat, saturated fat, caffeine and alcohol and to eat more whole, nutritious plant foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables and drink enough water to avoid dehydration. Also consider taking an herbal extract of milk thistle after talking to a doctor about it and taking the minerals zinc and selenium and vitamin E, vitamin C, B-vitamins and beta-carotene. Making use of healthy liver cleanse recipes and staying on a liver cleanse diet leads to a long-term total cleanse that helps a lot to keep the liver healthy in the long run.

Benefits of a Healthy Liver Cleanse Diet

A healthy diet also has the beneficial side effects of assisting general health, plus mood and energy, too. A liver cleanse natural diet also keeps the diet organic, and a liver cleanse acne diet that also includes foods rich in protein, vitamin A, beta-carotene, B-vitamins, zinc, selenium, vitamin C and vitamin E can also help with an acne problem. Talk to a doctor before going on any liver cleanse diet, but especially do so in the case of having chronic medical condition, a heart condition, an eating disorder, low blood sugar or diabetes. Also, take care to maintain a healthy weight – not too high, not too low – and eat enough calories, protein and other nutrients to stay healthy.

Adjuncts to a Liver Cleanse Diet

Besides eating a healthy diet, what else is useful in maintaining liver health? Stay away from illegal drugs and tobacco smoking, and also avoid smoggy locations with excessive air pollution if possible. Avoid dirty needles, unsafe sex and uncooked shellfish to avoid contracting hepatitis: a common cause of liver damage. Use exercise and saunas to sweat out toxins amenable to removal via sweating like some heavy metals. Regular exercise also helps the liver, and so do the other hallmarks of a healthy lifestyle like sufficient high quality sleep and stress reduction. Again, avoiding alcohol abuse is more important than anything else in maintaining liver health. Also avoid overdosing either acutely or chronically on acetaminophen, which is also known as paracetamol.

More on Liver Damage Prevention and Minimization

There are more things you can do to help protect your liver and your health. Switch out detergents, glass cleaners, toilet cleaners, bleach and all-purpose cleaners for less toxic versions. Avoid using pesticides to keep bugs away: use less toxic techniques instead. Maintain indoor air quality with a standalone air filter and a healthy collection of houseplants. Avoid using dry cleaners if possible and also avoid using a wood-burning or coal-burning fireplace or stove. Test your home for radon and make your home a non-smoking area. Otherwise avoid second-hand smoke as best you can.

More Detoxification Prevention and Minimization Techniques

Avoid bottled water and filter your water at home. Test your home for lead paint and avoid eating high-mercury fish like swordfish, shark and king mackerel. Eat plenty of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and kale for their liver detox capabilities and drink green tea as well for the same reason. Also watch out for the symptoms of liver diseases like fatty liver disease and get liver-related blood tests at your yearly physical exams.


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