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Master Cleanse
The Famous Master Cleanse - Also Known As the Lemonade Diet Table Of Contents 1. The Idea Behind The Master Cleanse 2. Lemon Juice Diet 3. When To Use the Master Cleanse and How Often 4. Lemon Juice Diet Recipe 5. How and When To Drink the Lemon Juice? 6. What else can be taken during the Master Cleanse? 7. Are There Any Negative Effects of the Master Cleanse? 8. How to Stop the Lemonade [...]
Milk Thistle
What is Milk Thistle and what is its claim to fame? Silybum Adans is the genus of Milk Thistle and in the same Asteraceae family as the daisy and sunflower plants.  It has a pretty purple flower.  Milk Thistle got its name from the milky sap that can be found in its leaves. It is a wild plant and is considered a weed by many communities. The plant has its origins in the Mediterranean, Middle East [...]
Fatty Liver
Fatty Liver - What Is That Exactly? Fatty liver, or fatty liver disease, is a liver disease involving the pathological accumulation of triglyceride fat in liver cells: this eventually interferes with the functioning of the liver in a serious fashion. The most common causes of fatty liver are alcohol abuse and metabolic syndrome, though these two causes do not have to act together – one alone is [...]
Liver Cleanse
Have You Ever Wondered About the Ins and Outs of a Liver Cleanse? So how to do what you need to do to maintain liver health? The most important thing you can do is eat a liver cleanse diet for a long-term liver cleanse or liver flush. A proper liver cleanse diet will be a nutritious diet that also keeps you in good general health. A proper liver cleanse diet is also maintained in the long run, and [...]
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