Liver Detox

Liver Detox And Other Relevant Information on the Liver

The liver is the major organ of detoxification as well as the organ that produces biochemicals such as bile which is necessary for digestion.  The liver is also an essential part of the body’s metabolic system.  It plays key roles in lipid metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism and protein metabolism.

What Else Does the Liver Do?

The liver also plays a role in the production of hormones, coagulation factors and albumin – a component of blood – and it stores glycogen, a form of glucose that the body uses for energy. Besides storing glucose, a healthy liver will also store the essential minerals iron and copper and vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin B12 for later use.

The Liver Has Over 500 Functions

Overall, the liver actually has more than 500 known functions. The liver is a vital organ essential to survival that must be kept in good health if the rest of the body is also going to be in good health. This is part of why eating a healthy diet is so important, since a healthy diet also functions as a liver detox diet in keeping liver detox ability and the other functions of the liver in working order. The best liver detox foods are similar to other healthy, nutritious foods for the maintenance of general health, and failure to eat a healthy diet will have consequences for the liver and for the other vital organs as well.

Symptoms of Liver Dysfunction

There are six classic symptoms of liver dysfunction, indicating that the liver detox capability and other functions are in need of medical attention. First, bruising and bleeding easily or severely are a sign of liver damage because a healthy functioning liver produces coagulation factors that control bleeding. Second, excessive fatigue can be a sign of liver damage because the liver plays an important role in keeping the body supplied with vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients that keep energy levels up. Third, the feet, ankles and abdomen being swollen is a sign of liver damage because it is also a sign of a lack of albumin, which a healthy liver ought to be producing in sufficient quantity.

More Symptoms of Liver Dysfunction

Fourth, jaundice, or yellowed eyes and skin often accompanied by severe itching, is another sign of liver damage that is a result of a breakdown in liver detox capability, since the compound that causes jaundice, bilirubin, is safely broken down by a healthy liver. Fifth, dark urine can also be a sign of a damaged liver since it can also be caused by excess bilirubin build-up. Detox liver ability may be damaged here as well. Pale stools are the sixth classic sign of liver detox damage, since this is another sign that an unhealthy liver is failing to process bilirubin properly.

Liver Detox Problems

Liver detox problems can thus lead to a lot of other problems, some of which can be easily noticed. If you or anyone you know experiences any of these symptoms, contact a doctor as soon as you can for an examination. A yearly physical exam can also catch a lot of liver detox problems that might otherwise be missed due to the use of special blood tests that are designed to diagnose liver dysfunction or fatty liver disease.

How To Prevent or Minimize Liver Problems?

Besides watching out for the six classic symptoms of liver damage and going to yearly physical exams, it is also essential to eat a healthy diet to prevent liver problems before they happen or to minimize dysfunction that is already occurring. Another key to a healthy liver is avoiding alcohol consumption, or at least minimizing it as much as possible. This is essential to how to detox your liver. Avoid tobacco smoking for much improved liver detox as well.

Maintaining Liver Health

Also consider cutting down on caffeine, taking B-vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, zinc, selenium and milk thistle – after talking with a doctor first – avoiding sugar, refined grains and processed foods, eating organically, drinking enough water to avoid dehydration, exercising intensely and regularly to sweat out some toxins, cutting down the amounts of saturated fat, animal protein and fried foods in your diet and eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. This site will help you do these things – have a look at the article on liver cleanse for more advice on the subject of helping your liver.


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